Washington’s political landscape is changing fast. Rumsfeld has gone, just days after Bush said he would never sack him and now it looks like the Democrats have taken the Senate as well. Just days after being a Republican-hate figure, the new Speaker Nancy Pelosi is having lunch with President Bush.

I am sure they will have much to talk about. But hopefully Pelosi will stick to her promises about one thing: oil subsidies. Writing in the Huffington Post earlier this week, one of the many promises Pelosi promised the American electorate was that “We will energize America by achieving energy independence, and we will begin by rolling back the multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil”.

Well Nancy – its time to make the President choke on his salmon and demand an end to oil subsidies now. As if Bush’s week can’t get any worse….

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  • With Pelosi in charge of the congress we can
    Kiss our ass good bye the same with any democrat
    in office remeber carter in 81

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