Got nothing better to do this evening? Well why not hop along to Chevron’s Annual Conservation Awards.

Amazon Watch, Amnesty International USA, San Ramon Cares about Ecuador, FACES, West County Toxics Coalition, and the Californians for Clean Energy/Yes on 87 are looking for people to join them this evening at 5:00pm on the sidewalk outside of Chevron. World Headquarters which are at 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road (off I-680) San Ramon, California. They will be holding an Emergency Rally to Expose Chevron’s Greenwashing as well as delivering the “PUBLIC EYE AWARD 2006” to Chevron for the “Most Irresponsible Corporation” in the Environment Category.

According to Chevron, “it is North America’s oldest, privately sponsored conservation award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions by organizations to the conservation of natural resources.”

But in reality this is actually Chevron’s annual greenwashing event where they offer six awards of $15,000 in attempts to try to cover up any negative publicity relating to their dirty operations around the world. Chevron is trying hard to paint themselves green, but at the same time continue to deny their responsibility for environmental and human rights abuses Ecuador, Nigeria, the Phillippines, and Richmond, CA, among others. Did you know they’re also the single biggest funder, at almost $22 million so far, of the campaign to kill Prop. 87, in California? Prop. 87 is a crucial initiative on the ballot for November 7th. According to its proponents, it will:

– Reduce our dependence on foreign oil, by cutting gas and diesel usage by 25% over the next 10 years;
– Create thousands of new clean energy jobs and grow our economy;
– Reduce air pollution that causes asthma attacks, lung disease and cancer;
– Make Chevron and other oil companies pay their fair share for oil drilling in California, just like they already pay in every other oil-producing state — even Texas;
– Make it illegal for oil companies to raise gas prices to pass the cost along to consumers.

So go along and party…

If you want to know how to get there – look up


  • Chevron is the posterchild of greenwashing. The award is well-deserved! Living in Ecuador and working with indigenous communities in the rainforest has made me aware of the issue and the cruel way this huge corporation is taking advantage of the local people.

    But really. Will this award do them any harm?

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