Loyal to Big Oil is a new consortium of oil barons, energy-company CEOs, giddy traders on the energy futures market and the faithful representatives in Congress who deliver the subsidies and tax breaks we love at the expense of consumers and taxpayers who can’t afford lobbyists of their own.

Over the weekend, Loyalists in Nevada City, California, Eugene, Oregon, and Boston, Massachusetts took to the streets to thank their representatives who have been Loyal to Big Oil. A bit of the Boston action is shown below.
Are your Senators and Representatives loyal too?: www.priceofoil.org/oilandstate

(Actually, Loyal to Big Oil—a partnership between Billionaires for Bush and Separation of Oil and State—is a strategic street theater and media campaign using humor to highlight the negative impact of energy-industry lobbying on our economy, environment and foreign policy. Stay tuned for more on upcoming opportunities to show your “loyalty” and the launch of the new Loyal to Big Oil website! )

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