Lets carry on this theme for a minute. The US produces nearly half of global emissions from vehicles, because they drive bigger more fuel inefficient cars further than anyone else. These emissions cause climate change which in turn causes more frequent hurricanes. More hurricanes and storms means more property damage and more property damage means higher insurance for property. All sounds a bit far fetched or does it?

Yesterday’s New York Times reported how homeowners in Florida are struggling to get insurance on their properties after two bad hurricane seasons. If they do get insurance the rates are extremely high.

Teri Johnston, president of the Fair Insurance Rates group in Monroe Key West, said owners of 1,500-square-foot homes had seen premiums double to $10,000 or more for wind-storm insurance.

Some people are said to be leaving their dream homes in Florida because they cannot pay.. Are these the first US climate refugees?


  • How can I get a listing on the Hurricane Prone Areas…which are these areas?


  • About time basic economics kicks in. It SHOULD be expensive due to the risk of living in these areas. For far far too long the rest of the logical people who don’t live in these areas have been footing the bill.

    I for one am thankful someone with some semblance of sense has made the people who make the decision to live in these areas pay.

    I for one feel no sympathy at all.

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