Oil Change’s Separate Oil and State campaign is just about to kick-off big time. The ad below is ready to run in newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Oil and State ad The House just authorized drilling in the Arctic, the Bush Administration is still slashing energy efficiency programs, and both are opposing any kind of windfall profits tax on their friends in the oil industry. Seems like the $8.6 million Big Oil has already spent on buying influence for the 2006 election is paying off. Oil Company profits have increased as the price of gas has gone up for all of us. But what’s good for Exxon, Chevron, and others is not necessarily good for the rest of us. Oil is at the core of issues like the health of our communities, global warming, war, and developing country debt.

We’ve had enough! Haven’t you? Tell us what you think of the ad.. or even better get involved.. See the full-page ad here.


  • I like it. But can’t read the print in the ad. How do I view the ad full screen? (when I click on the ad it just goes to the main oil & state page).

    Also, how about asking the senators not just to stop taking the money but to make a public pledge not to take more Big Oil money?

  • The ad opened up as a pdf file on my Mac. It was too small to read, so I copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word and I was able to read it fine. Picture & all copied over into Word.

  • I sent this letter (below) to Etheridge, Burr, and Dole of North Carolina. I thought it might give you an idea of what people, like me, are thinking. I do not ask for an all-out denouncement of oil money, but present it as a smart idea, both politically, economically, and personally, to do so. Plus, I added water power to the list of alternative solutions, and economic health to the list of concerns.
    This campaign is wonderful and timely! I will be informing others and directing them to your site! Thank you!!!! (PS> a ‘spell check’ button would have been a nice inclusion!)
    I ask you to step forward! Please lead the way and be an example for others to work toward a seperation of oil and state.

    I urge you to seek out ‘green’ and alternative energy sources and supporters for campaign contributions and financing. I trust voters will support such a move on your part, be they Democrat, Republican, or unaffiliated, as I am.

    N.C. can be a leader in this industry of alternative and clean power, and I ask you to show true courage and commitment to ending America’s (and North Carolina’s) dependence on fossil fuels.

    I am deeply concerned about the extent of Big Oil’s influence on Washington. Oil is at the core of many of my concerns like the health and economic welfare of our communities, global warming, war, national security, and even poverty and developing country debt.

    And yet politicians of both parties continue to use our tax money to subsidize Big Oil to the tune of billions of dollars every year. Why? Perhaps it’s partly because oil companies donated over $25 million to candidates in the US during the 2004 campaign, and they’ve already invested over $5 million in the 2006 Congressional elections.

    I believe oil money will be something voters will be looking at, come election time. I know it will influence my vote!

    The next step to ending our collective addiction to oil is reducing oil’s influence over our politicians and demanding political independence from Big Oil.

    The next step is a Separation of Oil & State.

    Now more than ever, the barriers to a clean energy transition are political, not technical. Hybrid cars, biofuels, greater energy efficiency, solar, water, and wind power are completely viable technologies today – they just need to be given the chance to fairly compete.

    I urge you to immediately stop taking money from Big Oil, and start the transition to clean, secure sources of energy now. The dirty oil money gumming up our political system must be removed. Once it’s gone, the possibilities for a sound economy, clean energy, peace, and real security will be much brighter.

    Please consider how you help or hurt the future of the people of our state, our country and the world, where oil dependence is concerned.

    The future is in clean energy from renewable sources…I ask you to step toward that future, starting with who you accept money from and who then influences your decisions.

    I applaude the ways some of our leaders are looking toward the future and supporting research and development of alternative fuel and power sources. I am particularly impressed with Bob Etheridge’s interest and work in this area. I ask him and others to take their commitment one step further, and refuse oil money and its influence. Go green and seek out truly ‘green’ money…I believe it will pay off come election time, and you can feel good about being leaders in the walk toward a cleaner state, country and government.


    Daleen M. Fisher

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