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    Reality Check: The End of Growth in the Tar Sands

    Oil Change International June 2017 Download the PDF Briefing. The Alberta tar sands are among the world’s largest oil reserves. While investment and expected growth in the industry have been high for the last decade, new industry data paints a dramatically different picture of the sector moving forward.  Key findings: Anticipated tar sands production growth is...
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    “They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started”

    Once again Big Oil has been forced to rely on brutal militarized force to bludgeon, bully, beat and intimidate peaceful water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. But in the face of such violence and intimidation, the growing movement against new fossil fuels will not be intimidated, it will only grow.
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    Oil Change International responds to DAPL easement

    Oil Change International stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the thousands of water protectors who have and will continue to resist the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Thousands Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

    Oil Change response to executive orders on KXL and DAPL

    We stopped Keystone XL and Dakota Access before and we’ll do it again. These are fights Trump and his bullies won’t win.
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    Oops. Rick Perry as Energy Secretary is laughable.

    It’s clear that Rick Perry has no idea what the job of Energy Secretary entails, and frankly we hope it stays that way.
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    “We came. We fought you. We took your land. We beg for your forgiveness.”

    Over the last few months, as the news of the Standing Rock protests have spread across the globe, people have realised that the protest was never just about a pipeline, it was always about so, so much more. It was about the right to protect clean air and water; it was the right to protect ancient burial sites; it was the right to fight for a future for our children and grand-children. It was a belief that we can live in a world without oil. But it was also a battle against oppression and colonisation against First Nations that has being going on for centuries and where the wounds run old, raw and deep.
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    DAPL: Major Victory as Army Denies Easement; But Fight is Not Over

    The long struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline is not over by a long shot, but last night the First Nations at Standing Rock celebrated a hugely significant and hard fought victory after the Army Corps announced it would not be granting the easement for the pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe.
  • Response to Dakota Access Pipeline announcement

    First and foremost, this is an incredible victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the thousands of water protectors who joined them in bold resistance to the dangerous Dakota Access pipeline. We salute them for their leadership and thank them for the resolve that has brought us to this day.
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