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  • Crude-by-Rail Resources

    The Crude-by-Rail Resource Hub includes our interactive map charting major rail routes and terminals for the transport of crude oil by rail in the U.S. and Canada. The hub also contains our latest crude-by-rail reports and actions.
  • RefineryReport.org

    The Refinery Report project will develop and publish data on North America’s refineries, beginning with the amount of crude oil refined from the world’s dirtiest and most destructive source of oil: the Canadian tar sands.
  • ShiftTheSubsidies.org

    The Shift the Subsidies database is an interactive tool to visually track and analyze the flow of energy subsidies from international, regional and bilateral public financial institutions around the world.
  • DirtyEnergyMoney.com

    Dirty Energy Money is an interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil, gas and coal industry contributions to the US Congress.
  • The Price of Oil Wheel

    The price of oil per barrel doesn’t include all of oil’s hidden costs. Learn more about the true cost of oil by using the flash navigation tool.
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