October 3, 2012By StanleyWebsites

The Shift the Subsidies database is an interactive tool to visually track and analyze the flow of energy subsidies from international, regional and bilateral public financial institutions around the world.

October 3, 2012By StanleyWebsites

Dirty Energy Money is an interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil, gas and coal industry contributions to the US Congress.

The Price of Oil Wheel

October 3, 2012By StanleyWebsites

The price of oil per barrel doesn’t include all of oil’s hidden costs. Learn more about the true cost of oil by using the flash navigation tool.

Iraqi Oil Law

February 24, 2008By StanleyBlog Post

Remember when we used to talk about how the war in Iraq was about oil? Remember the banners that read “No blood for oil?” Oil has fallen out of the discussion lately, but it’s time to bring it back in light of the Iraqi elections scheduled for this Sunday.

Iraqi Oil Law Poll: June-July 2007

August 9, 2007By StanleyBlog Post

The Iraqi Oil Law poll was carried out in June and July by KA Research, and coordinated and analyzed by Custom Strategic Research. Its key conclusion is that Iraqis oppose plans to open the country’s oilfields to foreign investment by a factor of two to one.