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  • Anti-Fracking Protest

    Outrage as UK Plans to Fast-Track Fracking

    The Conservative Government’s full-frontal assault on Britain’s internationally-respected planning process has become apparent this morning, after it was announced that Ministers will fast-track fracking applications overriding local councils.
  • cherrypicked-600x444

    Activists Blockade US Tar Sands Mine

    Yesterday, about 40 protestors disrupted the work on the Utah tar sands strip mine, the first to be built in the US, located in the Book Cliffs wilderness area.
  • Great_Blue_Heron_page_image

    More Wildfowl Killed by Tar Sands

    The debate about the tar sands often centres on the global impact the dirty fuel has on the climate, however, wildfowl is often the victim and only occasionally does it make news.
  • Arctic

    Deconstructing Shell’s “Memories of the Future”

    For a while now a growing number of people have been asking a series of pertinent questions about Shell’s Arctic drilling operations, which could probably be boiled down to this: Why would the global oil giant risk billions of dollars of its own money, irreparable damage to a pristine environment, as well as exacerbate climate change by drilling in the Arctic for oil that we can never afford to burn?
  • power plants

    Shale May be the “Unexpected Loser” in Clean Power Plan

    President Obama yesterday unveiled what is the centre piece of his climate legacy, as his long awaited Clean Power Plan was outlined in a ceremony at the White House.
  • no-dash-for-gas

    UK Told to Frack or “End Up a Living Museum”

    The fracking debate in the UK is set to intensify this week, with press reports that the British government is set to announce the winners of a whole raft of new licenses that could see up to half the country opened up to fracking.

    26 Greenpeace Climbers Say #ShellNo

    This morning under the cover of darkness, 26 Greenpeace climbers scaled the St. Johns Bridge in Portland and rappelled over the side.
  • Syncrude Oil Operations in Alberta Tar Sands

    “Double Dip” Oil Plunge Gets “Ugly” For The Tar Sands

    Those in the oil industry hoping for a reprieve from the volatility of the oil price had their hopes dashed yesterday as the price of oil dropped to its lowest level in four months.
  • Shell no

    Kayaktivists Greet Shell’s Damaged Ship in Portland

    About 75 "kayaktivists" activists protested against Shell’s Arctic drilling on Saturday afternoon, holding a peaceful on-the-water rally against the company's ill-judged activities.
  • frack_chem

    Fracking “Goes on Trial”

    Just as the British Government slashes subsidies for solar power and gears up to open up large swathes of the countryside to fracking, a coalition of human rights lawyers and academics have announced an international tribunal to put fracking “on trial”.
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