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    Hundreds of Thousands Demand Climate Action

    All around the world, in cities, towns and villages yesterday hundreds of thousands marched for the climate on the eve of the most important UN conference on the subject that has ever taken place.
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    Mapping the Climate Sceptics’ “Ecosystem of Influence”

    One of the most detailed studies of climate denial has concluded what many researchers have long known - that funding by the fossil fuel industry created a corrosive “ecosystem of influence” on both the content and language of the climate debate, especially in the US.
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    “Filthy Foxes” Guard the Paris COP Hen House

    With less than one week before Paris climate talks, known officially as the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), the campaign group Corporate Accountability International has released a report exposing the “filthy” track record of some of the corporations sponsoring the talks.
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    More Response to Alberta’s Historic Climate Announcement

    And so the climate movement marches on. The last couple of months have been pretty amazing for those working towards a healthy climate future. The controversial Keystone XL pipeline is dead; Exxon is being investigated for lying about climate change; Shell and Statoil have pulled out of the Alaska Arctic, and Obama has cancelled further Arctic leases.
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    Now Statoil Pulls Out of Alaska

    There was more good news from the Arctic yesterday, when Norwegian oil company Statoil announced it was “exiting” the region, following recent exploration results in neighbouring oil and gas leases.
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    BP’s Bid to Drill the Australian Bight Rejected

    In a major set-back for the oil giant, BP’s highly controversial application to drill in one of Australia’s last great wilderness areas, the Great Australian Bight, has been rejected for falling short of environmental standards.
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    Beware of Exxon’s Friends in the Media

    As I pointed out last week, one of the ground-breaking developments in the lead up to the Paris climate talks later this month has been the announcement by the New York Attorney’s office that it was investigating Exxon for misleading the public and shareholders about climate change.
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    BP’s Dispersants Didn’t Help Break Down Oil From Spill

    Once again the veterans of the Exxon Valdez have been proved right, after their warnings about the use of toxic dispersants during the subsequent Deepwater Horizon oil spill look to have been vindicated by new academic research.

    Why Nigeria Still Fears Ken Saro-Wiwa

    Every year today is the one day that I dread. Even now twenty years on, today does not feel like any other day. It is not a normal day. It was twenty years ago today that the world watched in horror when the Nigerian junta murdered the writer and activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni.
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    Two Significant Steps Forward; One Step Back Towards Paris

    To start with one huge, massive, significant step forward. Victories do not come sweeter than this. After years of campaigning by millions of people from grass-roots activists, First Nations, farmers and ranchers to environmental groups such as Oil Change International, Sierra Club, 350.org and many others, President Obama announced on Friday that the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline is dead.
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