Week of action begins demanding justice for the murder of “Cop City” forest defender

February 20, 2023By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

On January 18th, the Police murdered a twenty-six-year-old activist known as “Tortuguita,” who was campaigning against the controversial COP City near the city of Atlanta. In response to Tortuguita’s murder and the approval of Cop City’s final permit, Atlanta organizers are calling for a distributed week of action until February 26 and a large-scale mobilization in Atlanta from March 4-11.

Global outrage as oil executive named head of UN climate talks

January 12, 2023By Andy RowellBlog Post

There is universal condemnation today on the breaking news that the United Arab Emirates has appointed a veteran oil industry insider to preside over the upcoming UN climate talks that will happen later this year in Dubai. “By appointing an oil sultan as COP28 President, the UAE takes the prize for global trust breaker in a climate crisis.”