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Vote Analysis: House Proves Who They Serve

2015 is already bringing new challenges — including a congress that’s set on ignoring climate science and fighting for the fossil fuel industry instead of the American people.

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One of their first acts of business has been an attempt to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, despite President Obama stating that he’ll veto the legislation. This hasn’t stopped pro-oil legislators from pushing the issue forward and it’s clear why.

We crunched the numbers and found that in today’s Keystone XL vote, members of the House of Representatives who voted ‘yes’ on approving the pipeline took a combined total of over $13 million dollars from the Oil and Gas industry in 2014 ALONE.

Compared to members of the House voting against the pipeline, they took 8.5x more money on average. And this doesn’t even include all the ‘dark money’ being spent by the fossil fuel industry in the most recent elections.

Here’s a breakdown of our calculations. These are based on data provided by The Center for Responsive Politics and our Dirty Energy Money database:

  • Total oil and gas money received in 2014 election cycle (as reported thus far) by those voting FOR KXL: over $13 million
  • Total oil and gas money received in 2014 election cycle (as reported thus far) by those voting AGAINST KXL: over $800,000
  • Average amount PER REP who voted for KXL: nearly $50,000
  • Average amount PER REP who voted against KXL: Under $6,000
  • On average, Reps voting for KXL received over 8.5 times more oil and gas money in the last election cycle than those voting against the KXL bill.

There’s a growing movement rising up to oppose Big Oil’s stranglehold on Washington, but the fossil fuel industry isn’t going down without a fight. Take action thanking the president for his veto threat and calling on him to reject the pipeline outright: http://bitly.com/ObamaNoKXL

Comments (5)

  1. Jerry N. Wesner says:

    I came here seeking names, but found none. These people are guilty of de facto bribery, but I don’t know who they are.

  2. Bill Klein says:

    How much money did Iowa Representative Steve King, and Iowa Senators Grassley and Ernst receive from the Koch Brothers and Big oil in the past year?

  3. The full vote count can be found here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/114-2015/h16.

    If you’re looking for information on specific senators, our Dirty Energy Money tool is a great place to look: http://dirtyenergymoney.org/.

    It hasn’t been fully updated for the new Congress yet, but you can find that data at: https://www.opensecrets.org/.

  4. Emory mileski says:

    I would like to see them let the American people know by using oil from country’s they are paying for weapons to kill ower military men and women

  5. Emory mileski says:

    Do the the American people know by using foreign oil they are paying for weapons to kill the men and women that protect this country