“We’re at the top end of the IPCC scenario”

November 18, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post

Whilst most people are trying to keep rising temperatures to 2°, the bad news is that we are on course for the worst case climate change scenario of massive 6° by the end of the Century. Such a rise – which would be much higher nearer the poles – would be totally and utterly catastrophic … Read More

Poll: Majority of Scientists Believe 2C Rise Inevitable

April 15, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post

For many scientists and politicians a 2 degrees centigrade rise is the threshold which we cannot afford to cross. For example, the IPCC has long argued that climate impacts will significantly increase, if and when, global temperatures rise 2 degrees C or more above pre-industrial levels. Based on the science, the EU’s stated political objective … Read More