Hidden Costs: Pollution from Coal Power Financed by OECD Countries

November 8, 2015By Alex DoukasReports, Resources

  Hidden Costs: Pollution from Coal Power Financed by OECD Countries November 2015 Oil Change International and WWF DOWNLOAD REPORT OECD countries support coal-fired power plants abroad by providing preferential financing through institutions called Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). These coal-fired power plants have significant costs, in the form damages to the health of local populations from air … Read More

Lockdown: The End of Growth in the Tar Sands

October 27, 2015By Hannah McKinnonReports, Resources 5 Comments

The pipelines exporting tar sands out of Alberta are almost full, according to new analysis by Oil Change International. Without major expansion-driving pipelines such as Energy East, Kinder Morgan or Keystone XL, there will be no room for further growth in tar sands extraction and tens of billions of metric tonnes of carbon will be kept in the ground.

The Cost of Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Production In Turkey

September 8, 2015By Elizabeth BastReports

The Cost of Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Production In Turkey: Why Turkey Should Implement the G20 Commitment To Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies Oil Change International and 350.org September 2015 Market distorting subsidies to fossil fuels contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and impede the transition to sustainable, low-carbon development. In 2009, G-20 countries committed to phase out “inefficient” fossil fuel … Read More