Earlier today, twenty-two House Democrats sent a letter to President Obama expressing their support for the Keystone XL pipeline project.  The letter was announced in a press release from TransCanada.  Both the letter and the press release predictably recycle discredited arguments for Keystone XL on energy security and jobs.

What TransCanada didn’t mention is that this is hardly surprising, as these are in fact some of the oiliest Democrats in Congress simply doing what their campaign donors – Big Oil – tell them to do.

In fact, nine of the top ten recipients of oil industry campaign contributions in this Congress signed this letter.  On average the signatories received 325% more oil money than the average House Democrat in the 112th Congress.

The average oil industry contribution to Democrats in the House for the 112th Congress is $2,487.  Signatories of this letter averaged $10,644.

Campaign contributions were compiled by the Dirty Energy Money campaign using Center for Responsive Politics data.

You can download a spreadsheet with all the info here.  Or click on the Representative’s name below to see their Dirty Energy Money profile.

Rep. Jason Altmire, (D – 4th/PA), Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Rep. Joe Baca, (D – 43rd/CA), Agriculture Committee
Rep. John Barrow, (D – 12th/GA), Energy and Commerce Committee
Rep. Dan Boren, (D – 2nd/OK), Natural Resources Committee
Rep. Leonard Boswell, (D – 3rd/IA), Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Rep. Robert Brady (D – 1st/PA), Armed Services Committee
Rep. Jim Costa, (D -20th/CA), Natural Resources Committee
Rep. Henry Cuellar, (D – 28th/TX), Agriculture Committee & Homeland Security Committee
Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, (D – 20th/ TX), Energy and Commerce Committee
Rep. Al Green, (D – 9th/TX), Financial Services Committee
Rep. Gene Green, (D – 29th/TX), Energy and Commerce Committee
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, (D – 15th/TX), Education and the Workforce Committee
Rep. Tim Holden, (D – 17th/ PA), Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, (D – 18th/TX), Homeland Security Committee
Rep. Daniel Lipinski, (D – 3rd/ IL), Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Rep. Jim Matheson, (D – 2nd/UT), Energy and Commerce
Rep. Bill Owens, (D – 23rd/NY), Agriculture Committee, Armed Services Committee and Small Business Committee
Rep. Collin Peterson, (D – 7th/MN), Agriculture Committee (Ranking Member)
Rep. Mike Ross, (D – 4th/AR), Energy and Commerce Committee
Rep. Peter Visclovsky, (D – 1st/IN), Appropriations Committee
Rep. Mark Critz (D – 12th/ PA), Armed Services
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D – 4th /NY), Education & the Workforce; Financial Services

To find out how much oil, gas and coal money your Representative has taken, visit DirtyEnergyMoney.com

UPDATE: Happily, not all Democrats are so easily bought.  Kudos to Senator Harry Reid for urging the President to reject Keystone XL.