It could be the scene from a Hollywood horror movie. In a darkened cavern strange beasts make noises to please their masters. They know what they are saying makes no sense, but that does not stop their strange mutterings.

But this is no movie, this is reality. Everyday, even though they are meant to be sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, a handful of Republican congressmen are making pro-oil speeches to the empty cavernous House of Representatives.

The Republicans have been hounding the Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi for weeks over her refusal to allow a vote on new domestic oil drilling. The oil companies must be amazed that their political pals are so keen to help them they have even ditched their holidays.

Now the GOP is even plotting to shutdown the federal government next month if it cannot force a vote on offshore oil drilling. In retaliation the Democrats are now bashing the Republicans with ads linking them to oil companies.

However, U.S. House Speaker Nanci Pelosi seems to be cracking under the pressure. On yesterday’s CNN Pelosi said she would be open to a vote, if it was part of a broader debate on energy policy. “They have this thing that says drill offshore in the protected areas,” she said. “We can do that. We can have a vote on that.”

In the meantime back in a darkened room in Washington strange prayers are still being said to appease the oil gods…