Another day of political deadlock in the US Senate on Friday, when Senators pulled a major global warming bill that would have mandated major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

In a 48 to 36 vote, the Climate Security Act of 2008 (S. 3036) fell a dozen votes short of the needed number to end debate and begin considering amendments to the bill. Seven Republicans joined 39 Democrats and two Independents in voting to move forward with the bill. Four Democrats sided with 32 Republicans in opposition.

Despite the loss, the Bill’s proponents argued it was a victory. “This is a landmark day,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat and cosponsor of the bill. “It’s another milestone in the fight against global warming.”

The vote has “laid the foundation” for lawmakers and the next president to tackle the issue, Senator John Warner, a Virginia Republican who was a co-sponsor of the bill, added. Only last week, Warner said “Doing nothing is not an option. Let us do something.”

Doing nothing is exactly what the Senators did.