Olav Mathias-Eira is a reindeer-herder. He is a member of the Sami community, one of the largest indigenous groups remaining in Europe, and his family have been herding reindeer in the same stretch of the Norwegian Arctic since the 1400s.

But, because of climate change, their lifestyle, unchanged for centuries, is now at risk. So Mr Mathias-Eira, has travelled to Britain to issue an urgent plea in the hope that his people and livelihood can be saved.

“Climate change is threatening our economy as reindeer herders,” he said. “Because this is part of our traditional way of life, if the economy goes, probably the entire Sami culture would go with it.

“Everything about climate change is happening too fast, much faster than we predicted. The [weather] is so unpredictable, so unusual. It can rain in the winter when it usually didn’t rain before. The actions need to be fast too. World participation is most important now, but also our voices are not heard, and that’s a pity. “

Let his voice count, before it is too late…