US scientists have unveiled a new, high-resolution interactive map which tracks patterns of CO2 emissions coming from fossil fuels burned daily across the country.

The maps and system, called Vulcan after the Roman God of fire, show CO2 emissions in more than 100 times greater detail than was previously available. Until now, scientists say, data on carbon dioxide emissions was reported monthly at a statewide level.

The new Vulcan model, however, can map CO2 emissions at local levels on an hourly basis. It has launched a YouTube video which shows the emission patterns over one day as industry and traffic wakes up for the day, and reveals regional patterns of CO2 distribution.

The scientists say the maps contained a few surprises. Kevin Gurney, assistant professor of earth and atmospheric science at Purdue and leader of the project, said:

“We’ve been attributing too many emissions to the northeastern United States, and it’s looking like the southeastern US is a much larger source than we had estimated previously.”

Its worth watching the different pulses of CO2 emissions over a twenty four hour period. Check it out