Despite gloomy media reports and warnings about a recession, the environment remains the No. 1 priority of Canadians ahead of both jobs and the economy, according to a new survey.

When asked “what is the most important problem facing Canada today,” 20 per cent of respondents said the environment, followed by 14 per cent who said health care, 13 per cent who said the economy and 10 per cent who said they were concerned about social issues or poverty.

Only seven per cent said they were concerned about governance issues, followed by five per cent who said they were concerned about the war in Afghanistan and four per cent who said they were concerned about jobs and unemployment.

Climate change was the top environmental concern mentioned by respondents, with nearly 80 per cent saying they understood the issue very well. So if this is the case, then how do Canadians square the circle with oil sands development? They say they care about climate change and the environment, but their politicians are allowing the oil industry to strip mine Alberta and fry the climate.

It doesn’t make sense…