Despite the fact we are in deep “doo-doo” over climate (see blog below), the climate sceptic dinosaurs are still grazing in huge numbers, saying that climate change is not happening or not man-made.

In fact next week a huge herd of the beasties will descend on New York for an “International Conference on Climate Change” organized by the Exxon-funded Heartland Institute.

Looking at the conference programme, I don’t think I have ever seen so many skeptics in one conference. They are literally all there: Patrick Michaels, Craig Idso, Willie Soon, Dennis Avery, Fed Singer, Paul Reiter julian Morris, Kendra Okonski, Myron Ebell, Christopher Horner, and Britain’s barmy David Bellamy. I could go on but I would bore you.

The conference co-sponsors lists like a roll-call of right-wing think tanks (many funded by Exxon) and wise use groups, including the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, run by “Wise Use” guru, Ron Arnold; the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Congress of Racial Equality, Frontiers of Freedom Institute, George C. Marshall Institute, International Policy Network, and Science and Environmental Policy Project.

I wonder who will scrape the doo-doo off the floor…