The Majority Leader of the American House of Representatives Steny Hoyer has admitted Congress had not reached a breakthrough on a compromise energy package but still hoped to bring the legislation back into consideration next month.

The Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been hoping that energy legislation could be approved before the two-week American Thanksgiving holiday, and the slow-moving talks showed signs of picking up last week.

But Hoyer said that while substantial work has been completed at the stafflevel, big-ticket issues remain to be addressed, including vehicle mileage standards, offsets, and renewable fuels and power.

“I think most of the basic agreements that can be reached by staff have been reached. I think members, committee chairs, other members, are now engaged in reaching some of the others,” Hoyer told reporters. “They are going to need to be resolved by committee chairmen and leadership.”

Only in your own time Steny, don’t rush yourself. Congress will break for two weeks tomorrow and return to work in the first week of December. Then its only a couple of weeks before Christmas. It’s a tough life being an American politician.

Article cited:

Ben Geman, E&E News, November 14, 2007