The fall-out from Al Gore’s winning of the Nobel peace Prize and the High Court Decision continues in the UK. It has emerged that climate skeptics are going to send copies of the controversial and factually-incorrect film The Great Global Warming Swindle, to all secondary schools.

The main figure behind the move is Viscount Monckton, the climate sceptic and former policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher, who is likely to couple the Swindle film, made by radical television producer Martin Durkin and aired on Channel 4 in March, in a package with an anti-climate change film of his own entitled Apocalypse No!.

The film features Lord Monckton, the brother-in-law of another well-known climate change sceptic, Dominic Lawson, giving a long presentation intended as a mirror-image of that given by Gore in An Inconvenient Truth – but from a completely sceptical point of view.

You wait the film will have more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. It should also come with a health warning.