General Motors has become the first American carmaker to join a business coalition dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The nation’s biggest automaker joined the United States Climate Action Partnership along with 13 other newcomers including Dow Chemical and PepsiCo.

The partnership is an alliance of big business and environmental groups that in January told President Bush that mandatory emissions caps are needed to reduce the flow of carbon dioxide.

“GM is very pleased to join USCAP to proactively address the concerns posed by climate change and applauds its members for recognizing the important role that technology can play in achieving an economy-wide solution,” GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said in a statement.

GM apparently sees vehicles powered by numerous energy sources as key way to reduce greenhouse emissions. If this is the case, why do you ask, do the big car makers continue advertising and selling huge petrol-driven cars and not smaller, cleaner, alternative-fuelled ones.

Because there is more money in the former.  It’s that simple.

Don’t forget its not that long ago when some of these companies, including GM and Dow, where members of the Global Climate Coalition, a business organisation that tried to deny climate change was happening and delay any action.