The New York Times reports how “politicians who deny that global warming is a problem used to be the biggest obstacle to a solution. They’re not anymore. They have lost the argument”.

It continues: “When former Vice President Al Gore came back to Capitol Hill to testify last week, a few of the global-warming holdouts in Congress confronted him with their usual tactics”

“They took the actual uncertainties over climate change — how fast seas and temperatures will rise, how serious the effects will be — and tried to make them sound like uncertainty over whether human beings were making the planet hotter. But the skeptics didn’t get very far. In the last few months, this debate has shifted incredibly quickly.

The Times goes on to report that although “the political debate now revolves around what that action should be” the “truth is that some of the ideas now on the table would do very little to change the situation. And a feckless new law would be worse than nothing at all right now”.

We don’t have the time to get it wrong, so we had better get it right..