Ok, I know we have written about Blair’s hypocrisy on climate before, but it’s once again there for all to see. In the run up to the Brussels summit later this week, Blair has called on fellow European leaders “to lead the way on climate change”.

“I think there is the real possibility of showing how Europe can lead a debate on climate change, on energy security and on deregulation in the interests of a more competitive European economy,” said Blair.

Yet hours later, the British government’s own environmental credentials were “destroyed” by a “scathing report from its own green watchdog”, reported the Guardian.

The watchdog – the Sustainable Development Commission –argues that Government departments are failing to meet basic targets on carbon emissions. Its operations are “simply not good enough” the report says, and ministers and senior civil servants are failing to set the right example. Sir Jonathan Porritt, head of the commission, said: “I have no doubt that people will see this as hypocrisy on their part.”

The report found that most departments are using energy less efficiently compared to previous years. Most were way off track to meet the target of reducing carbon emissions by 12.5% on 2000 levels by 2010. Some departments were unable to even supply the required data. Overall, the report describes government performance as “hugely disappointing”.

On departmental cuts in carbon emissions the report says: “A drastic change in approach is essential for government to have any hope of meeting its targets. And all this against a background of endless government messages indicating strong support for climate change initiatives. Unless government can quickly take charge of its own operations it risks breeding deep cynicism among the public.”

Cynicism and Blair in the same sentence, you must be joking!