One person not rushing to promote any climate deal is Exxon’s CEO, “T-Rex” Tillerson, who did though admit yesterday that the planet’s temperature and levels of greenhouse gases are rising.

But he also said demand for fossil fuels will keep rising, so policymakers need to “implement sensible strategies” that address climate risks without impeding the oil industry’s ability to find and produce more energy.

“While our understanding of the science continues to evolve and improve, there is still much that we do not know and cannot fully recognize in efforts to model and predict future climate behavior,” T-Rex said.

The leader of the world’s largest company was speaking at the Cambridge Energy Research Associates’ annual conference in Houston. Still dragging his tail, sorry his feet, Tillerson said that although he had not read the Inter- governmental Panel on Climate Change, he said its conclusions were identified as “very likely” rather than absolute.

“I think everyone recognizes nobody can conclusively say 100 percent how this all is going to play out,” he said.

Actually T-Rex, I think we know pretty well what is going to happen because of climate change and its your company that has done more than most to make sure that it does…