In the end the reality was even worse than the hype. When the IPCC finally published their report yesterday, it was bleak and damning. It was worse than we thought.

They have concluded that average temperatures could increase by as much as 6.4C by the end of the century if emissions continue to rise, with a rise of 4C most likely.

Even an average global temperature rise of 4C would be the end of life on earth as we know it: It would wipe out hundreds of species, bring extreme food and water shortages in vulnerable countries and cause catastrophic floods that would displace hundreds of millions of people.

A rise of over 5 degrees means that the West Antarctic ice sheet would break up, eventually adding another five metres to global sea levels. If these temperatures are sustained, the entire planet will become ice-free, and sea levels will be 70 metres higher than today. A rise of 6.4 degrees would effectively mean that most of life is exterminated.

Yet even now the sceptics refuse to concede the truth, even now against such compelling evidence they try and twist and distort the truth. It has emerged that the leading right-wing and Exxon-funded think tank the American Enterprise Institute has offered scientists and economists $10,000 to try and undermine the IPCC report.

Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute offers payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings in the IPCC report. They are also willing to pay travel expenses as well.

It is as if they know no shame…