It’s working – if current trends hold, this next Congress will be the least beholden to the oil industry of any since 1990! Significantly more members of Congress are clean, and less money overall has been accepted than at any other time over the last 15 years (not that $13 million from the oil & gas industry is anything to sneeze at). Check out our latest at Tom Paine.

The more than 50,000 letters that you have sent to your representatives, the coalition letters we sent to Capitol Hill, the outreach and mailings to over 5 million Americans, they’ve all clearly made a huge difference.

Now we need one more push to make our point loudly before the election. So we’re asking you to do something locally in your community to Separate Oil & State. On Tuesday October 24th, please join us and citizens from across the United States in calling for a Separation of Oil and State.

Visit and register your own event, join an action happening in an area near you or check out actions planned for around the country. To get ideas for actions you can take in your community on October 24th, click here.