So what do you know about methane? Yes, yes, we have heard all the old jokes about farting cows, but have you heard the one about the bubbling tundra? New scientific research shows that thawing Siberian bogs are releasing more of the greenhouse gas methane than previously believed.

Writing in the journal Nature, they suggest the methane release is hastened by warmer temperatures, positively feeding back into global warming. “Thaw lakes in north Siberia are known to emit methane, but the magnitude of these emissions remains uncertain,” the scientists write. “We show that methane flux from thaw lakes in our study region may be five times greater than previously estimated.”

So what’s this got to do with oil I hear you ask? Not much except that the more CO2 we release, the more the world warms, the more methane is released, the more the world warms, and we face the runaway greenhouse effect. Just thought you might like to know.