One person who believes he can rid America of its gas-guzzling ways is Rep. Henry Waxman who along with twelve of his House colleagues, has introduced the “Safe Climate Act of 2006.”

The legislation is based on what scientists have concluded the US must do to avoid “dangerous, irreversible warming of the planet and would significantly reduce U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases”.

To protect against this, the Safe Climate Act sets greenhouse gas emissions targets that aim to keep temperatures below what scientists see as the danger point on an increase in 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Bill, the level of emissions would be frozen in 2010, gradually reduced by 2% each year through to 2020, and then reduced by 5% each year through 2050.

The Act aims to achieve these targets through a variety of mechanisms including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner cars. All sounds wonderful until you realize (as we reported in the last blog) that America’s cars are getting bigger and less fuel efficient. It is also unlikley that Waxman’s Bill will make it through the Senate. Business as usual then boys…