MoveOn has just announced it will lauch a new campaign for a clean energy future for the US which will start with their “Oil Free Congress” initiative that kicks off later this month.

Along with health care, this was the overwhelming issue of importance for 100,000 people who voted in local house parties last week. Their message is simple: kick Big Oil out of Congress. The campaign is MoveOn’s contribution to Oil Change’s Separate Oil and State Campaign – are you not involved yet? Check it out here.

This is what one MoveOn member replied from Vashon, Washington State. “Just imagine what the world would look like today if we spent 300 billion dollars on alternate energy research, investment and subsidies instead of the Iraq war. I believe that investment would have lead to a far safer United States, well on its way to energy independence and with fewer enemies. It would have also put the US in the leadership position in the world in developing and commercializing these technologies. Our sons and daughters would be inheriting a technology leadership position in alternate energy rather than a massive deficit to pay off”. Makes sense to me.