One of Britain’s best known and respected conservationists has finally broken his silence over climate change. Sir David Attenborough, the face and voice of the BBC’s programmes on wildlife for the last fifty years, has told today’s Independent newspaper:

“I was sceptical about climate change. I was cautious about crying wolf. I am always cautious about crying wolf … I’m no longer sceptical. Now I do not have any doubt at all. I think climate change is the major challenge facing the world. I have waited until the proof was conclusive that it was humanity changing the climate”.

Sir David, who fronts the BBC’s series, Climate Chaos, that starts tonight, continues:
“The thing that really convinced me was the graphs connecting the increase of carbon dioxide in the environment and the rise in temperature, with the growth of human population and industrialisation. The coincidence of the curves made it perfectly clear we have left the period of natural climatic oscillation behind and have begun on a steep curve, in terms of temperature rise, beyond anything in terms of increases that we have seen over many thousands of years”.

“People say, everything will be all right in the end. But it’s not the case. We may be facing major disasters on a global scale”.

The Inde, for one, thinks this is “a significant moment: the most trusted voice in Britain speaks out, at last, on climate change. Unique is one of the most over-used words in the language, but it truly applies to Sir David Attenborough, and his reach and influence with the public”.