We are facing at least a metre rise in sea-level by the end of this century, scientists have warned. Half of the Greenland ice cap and vast areas of Antarctica are destined to melt if climate change continues unabated.

According to a report in: “The warning comes from climate scientists who combined historical records of Arctic and Antarctic ice melting with advanced computer models capable of predicting future environmental conditions. They found that if nothing is done to put the brakes on climate change, Greenland, the west Antarctic ice sheet and other expanses of polar ice will be warmed beyond a “tipping point” after which their melting is inevitable.

Even a one metre increase in sea-level rise would be unimaginable for many parts of the world. The Guardian reports how many parts of lowland Britain would suffer and London would effectively have to close as a port. But Britain’s troubles would be minor compared to other lowland areas such as Bangladesh and the Niger Delta.

Last year, for example, scientists predicted that a one metre rise in sea level would displace millions of people living in the Niger Delta and threaten three-quarters of Nigeria’s agricultural land. So Africa’s most populous nation would not be able to feed itself.

We are used to thinking that climate change will affect those in the Arctic the worst. This may be so, but no where will be immune. And for many Nigerians there will be no where to go. Welcome to our warming world.