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    Nebraska Approves Keystone XL alternative route, Oil Change International response

    Today the Nebraska PSC chose to stand with Trump, climate denial, and Big Oil. Good luck with that. Whatever happens now there is precisely zero chance that the global citizen, investor, and government momentum behind the Paris goals and against the fossil fuel industry will be stopped. Even if Trump and the PSC are out, the rest of the world is #stillin.

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    Germany’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies Self Review Makes Mockery of Paris Climate Agreement

    Today, Germany quietly released the ‘German Report on the Phasing-Out of Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies,’ the country’s self-review as part of the G20 fossil fuel subsidies peer review process. Despite Germany’s rising fossil fuel subsidies, the review states that Germany plans to end only two subsidies, and claims that none of the other fossil fuel subsidies are ‘inefficient,’ supposedly putting them outside the G20 subsidies phase-out pledge.

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    RELEASE: High Level Call to Constrain Oil, Gas, and Coal Production to Achieve the Paris Goals

    High level officials from Pacific Islands have called for a reining in of fossil fuel production in order to stay within the climate limits agreed to in Paris. They were joined in their call by civil society, indigenous, and academic voices. These calls echo the asks of the Lofoten Declaration, which affirms that it is the urgent responsibility and moral obligation of wealthy fossil fuel producers to lead in these efforts.

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    Reaction: International Energy Agency undermines Paris Agreement

    “The IEA must help the world plan for success in reaching the Paris goals. That can’t happen until a real climate scenario forms the heart of World Energy Outlook.”

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    Senate Tax Bill Protects Handouts to Fossil Fuels at the Expense of Working Families

    This tax bill will be no surprise, but it would be a disaster. It is the latest example of GOP efforts to prop up the dirty fossil fuel industry and their corporate cronies while giving short shrift to American families.