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Press Releases

  • Oil Change International response to Keystone XL announcement

    Despite the industry’s multi-million dollar effort to distort the facts, the truth remains that Keystone XL would promote the increased production of the dirtiest oil on the planet

  • Advisory: World’s largest crop art to be created in opposition to Keystone XL

    Creation of the world’s largest crop art image, the size of 70 football fields, depicting a #nokxl message to Pres. Obama to reject Keystone XL and protect our land, water and climate. The event will kick-off the week-long series of actions (April 22-27) called Reject and Protect planned for Washington, DC.

  • World Bank financed $1 billion in fossil fuel exploration projects

    New analysis released today by Oil Change International finds that World Bank Group finance for projects that included exploration for new fossil fuel resources reached a new high in FY2013, at nearly $1 billion out of the $2.7 billion spent in total for fossil fuel projects.

  • Fat Cat On The Hill

    Response to Supreme Court ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC

    Despite the cynical and reactionary McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court decision, we’ll keep our faith in the only force that has consistently rallied against greed throughout our nation’s history – the American people.

  • Ford_to_City_Exxon_Spoof v2

    Exxon to World: Drop Dead

    Exxon’s report, “Energy and Carbon – Managing the Risks” flatly states “we do not anticipate society being able to supplant traditional carbon- based forms of energy with other energy forms, such as renewables, to the extent needed to meet this carbon budget”. See Oil Change International Executive Director Stephen Kretzmann’s response.