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Press Releases

  • OCI Response to Presidential Veto of Keystone XL Bill

    Fossil fuel funded politicians in Congress should take note – when the President of the United States says he is going to do something, he follows through.

  • Groups File FOIA Request with US Dept. of Commerce for Crude Oil Export Ban Exceptions

    Oil Change International, Earthjustice and Sightline Institute have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) seeking details on the Bureau’s criteria for recently approving multiple significant exceptions to the nation’s crude oil export ban.

  • Response to EPA comments on Keystone XL

    The EPA’s comments point to the fact that at current oil prices the pipeline would certainly trigger additional production in the tar sands, and thus significant additional emissions. Thus Keystone XL clearly fails the President’s climate test…

  • Response to Senate Vote on Keystone XL

    The Senate has voted to approve Keystone XL, and has chosen to once again side with Big Oil’s money over our climate and our future.

  • Response to Obama Administration’s 5 Year Plan on Offshore Drilling

    The world is in a very big hole with climate change and when you’re in a hole the first order of business should be to stop digging. Unfortunately, the Administration’s Five Year Plan amounts to climate denial.