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Jobs at Oil Change International

Oil Change International is currently hiring for the following position:

Position Title: Finance Campaign Director

Location: Washington, DC preferred (London, New York, or San Francisco eventually possible for the right candidate)

Reports to: Executive Director

Target Start Date: As soon as possible. Position is open until filled.

About the Position:

According to the International Energy Agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and others, more than two-thirds of currently proven fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground in order to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change. Given this increasingly scientifically-accepted reality, further expansion of fossil fuel reserves should be halted as soon as possible, and plans must be made to leave already known fossil fuels in the ground untouched.

Stopping the further expansion of fossil fuel reserves will require a sea change in the approach of governments, private financial actors – and the industry itself – to fossil fuel exploration and production. Ultimately, keeping current proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground will also require answering contentious questions of how the world will determine which reserves to leave unexploited.

But fossil fuel companies, particularly in the oil and gas sector, continue to invest billions annually in exploring for more reserves. Oil and gas companies are helped and encouraged by investors, who consider reserves growth a key metric indicator of future profitability. They are also helped by government subsidies some of which have been in place for a century.

The successful applicant will work with OCI’s Research and Campaigns teams to develop and implement strategies to encourage the finance sector to end its dependence on fossil fuel reserves growth and play a greater role in preventing climate disaster and financing a clean energy future.  In the short term, this will involve focusing on stopping the most expensive, highest carbon reserves, such as the Arctic and tar sands.

Using OCI’s unique research and analysis capacity, which draws from multiple subscription data sources and years of experience working on energy and climate, the Finance Campaign Director will help develop our analysis of the sector to build a campaign and communications strategy that underpin multiple tactics that target both the finance sector and public institutions.

The Finance Campaign Director will lead our campaigns to get both private and public finance out of fossil fuel supply.  This is a job for a smart, dedicated, creative and persistent activist who is not easily deterred by long odds.

About Oil Change International:

Oil Change International is a non-profit organization that campaigns to expose the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy. We’re a nimble, gutsy group that wages hard-hitting campaigns, grounded in solid and credible research, to push the energy industry towards an environmentally and socially sustainable future. We work together with a broad network of diverse allies, in the United States and globally, that are committed to identifying and overcoming political barriers to a clean energy transition and shifting the balance of power in the energy industry.

We are particularly focused on the North American energy boom and exposing its social and environmental impacts.  We believe that an All of the Above energy policy is simply climate denial, in a new form. Internationally, we work to expose and end the massive public support going towards the fossil fuel industry as well.

Oil Change is now also expanding its work with the private investment community to highlight the financial risks associated with expanded fossil fuel exploration and the production of extreme fossil fuels.

Founded in 2005, Oil Change International now has more than 130,000 supporters, a creative, passionate and dedicated staff of nine. Known both for our credible, insightful research on the fossil fuel industry and our aggressive nonviolent campaign tactics, Oil Change is a talented group that continues to punch above its weight.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Finance Campaign Director will:

  • Develop and implement campaign strategies and tactics to discourage private investment in extreme fossil fuels and fossil fuel exploration and to end public fossil fuel subsidies;
  • Work with other NGOs, the investment community, government officials, and other decision makers to expose and slow financial support to fossil fuels;
  • Develop appropriate communications strategies to persuade decision makers that fossil fuels are a risky investment and that it is time to stop public support for the fossil fuel industry;
  • Develop and cultivate champions to advance finance campaign messages and goals;
  • Represent Oil Change International in various forums, and conduct old and new media outreach to amplify key messages;
  • Participate in the senior management team of Oil Change International and help lead the organization in conducting effective campaigns and building capacity to meet the challenges faced by clean energy, good government, environmental and economic justice advocates.


  • College degree or equivalent experience in economics, finance, public policy, or related field;
  • 5 or more years of experience with advocacy efforts addressing finance, energy or climate change issues; and/or substantial experience working within the finance sector on energy;
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • Willingness to travel;
  • Experience advancing messages with old and new media preferred.

Salary: Commensurate with experience, plus generous health, dental and retirement packages.

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, resume and short writing sample to jobs@priceofoil.org with the subject heading “Finance Campaign Director.”

No snail mail applications or phone calls, please. Due to capacity constraints, we will only be able to reply to short-listed candidates.



Subsidy Spotlight Project – Investigative Journalist/Campaigner

Subsidy Spotlight is an investigative research, outreach, and communications project to tell the “real story” of the effects from fossil fuel subsidies in the United States. By telling these stories in clear terms about the corrupt nature of how these subsidies are enacted and the environmental, social and other disruptions they create, the aim of Subsidy Spotlight is to change the narrative of this debate and expose the true costs of these subsidies on Americans’ lives. In so doing, we want to introduce new arguments, create new allies, and increase political pressure to eliminate these dangerous government handouts and to curb the growth of the rapidly expanding fossil fuel industry.

Oil Change International is looking for a savvy writer and campaigner to develop these stories.

Outline of work:

  • In coordination with OCI Staff, identify subsidies to investigate from OCI’s database;
  • Investigate the on-the-ground impacts of the subsidies, including identifying specific communities, people and places that these subsidies impact;
  • Write investigative journalism pieces on identified subsidies that highlight the human and environmental impact of the subsidies;
  • Develop an outreach/communications plan for how to get the ‘Subsidy Spotlight’ information out;
  • Develop initial thinking about how to campaign for the removal of these subsidies;
  • Create a basic template for how to replicate this work on other subsidies.

What we’re looking for:

  • Astute investigator – there’s going to be things we don’t know but need to find out. We need you to be able to dig deep, make connections, and find the real story.
  • Skilled writer – we need someone who can weave a compelling story about the impacts of these subsidies. We’re talking about tax codes and financial jargon – we need you to bring these technical things to life.
  • Savvy campaigner – this isn’t just about telling these stories, this is about working to stop them from happening again. We need you to be someone who understands campaigns and can create a product that fits in effectively.

The Details:

  • Part-time, contract position, reporting to Campaigns Director.
  • Rate and length to be determined commensurate with experience and based on mutually agreed scope of work.
  • Location flexible.

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, resume and short writing sample to info@priceofoil.org with the subject heading “Subsidy Spotlight.”