Oil Change International is a research, communications, and advocacy organization focused on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitating the ongoing transition to clean energy. Below are our currently open positions.

Contract: Fundraising Coordinator

Contract: Fundraising coordination (strategy development and grants support) 

Request for proposals (rate and time spent per week to be proposed by contractor)

Time period: January – June 2021

To apply: Please send resume and short proposal to by January 17 with ‘Fundraising proposal’ in the subject line

Areas of work

Strategy development

Develop an overall fundraising strategy for the organization and suggestions for coordination of fundraising activities across the organization, with three main components:

  • Foundation fundraising strategy
  • Online fundraising strategy
  • Major donor strategy

Strategy should be developed in close coordination with the Executive Director and other members of the Senior Management Team, in addition to members of the comms team who are currently holding the organization’s online fundraising.

Foundation outreach and strategy

  • Track foundation outreach and make recommendations on how to more systematically cultivate and provide information and updates to foundation program officers; evaluate our organizational newsletter and its intent as a foundation cultivation tool; make recommendations on sharing OCI’s work on an ongoing basis with foundations and individuals
  • Support the Executive Director and Program Directors in foundation outreach in the first half of 2021

Grants management

  • Track grant proposals and reports, in Granthub, including when they are due and ensure the reports and proposals are completed and submitted on time
  • Coordinate development of proposals and reports, including identifying who is drafting and submitting them
  • Draft general support proposals and reports, as needed
  • Submit proposals and proposal information and reports, as needed
  • File final proposals, reports, and grant agreements
  • Track foundation opportunities and ensure opportunities are followed up on
  • Keep frequently requested proposal materials up to date
  • Track program officer contact info and update contact lists
  • Update organizational information on GuideStar and other websites

Major donor/individual donor strategy

  • Supporting/working with relevant staff to set online fundraising goals for 2021
  • Working with everyone involved in individual fundraising, create a system for tracking and implementing annual processes and materials development, including a year long timeline of individual and online donor work for 2021 (i.e. annual report, thank you notes, newsletters, online donations asks throughout the year, EOY fundraising planning, updating thank you note language, etc.)
  • Make recommendations for, and possibly implement the adoption of, a more comprehensive donor management system, working closely with the Product Team Director and the Communications team, in consultation with the Operations team
  • Make recommendations for how to expand major donor efforts
  • Describe what future resources would be required for a scaled up online fundraising/major donor strategy, including a recommendation around compliance for fundraising activities (state level registrations, etc)

Support the hiring of a full-time fundraising position

  • Help develop a job description for a full time fundraising position and support the hiring process and onboarding of a full-time fundraising position