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Jobs at Oil Change International

Oil Change International is currently hiring for the following positions and contracts:

Contract: Investigative Journalist/Campaigner, Subsidy Spotlight Project

Subsidy Spotlight is an investigative research, outreach, and communications project to tell the “real story” of the effects from fossil fuel subsidies in the United States. By telling these stories in clear terms about the corrupt nature of how these subsidies are enacted and the environmental, social and other disruptions they create, the aim of Subsidy Spotlight is to change the narrative of this debate and expose the true costs of these subsidies on Americans’ lives. In so doing, we want to introduce new arguments, create new allies, and increase political pressure to eliminate these dangerous government handouts and to curb the growth of the rapidly expanding fossil fuel industry.

Oil Change International is looking for a savvy writer and campaigner to develop these stories.

Outline of work:

  • In coordination with OCI Staff, identify subsidies to investigate from OCI’s database;
  • Investigate the on-the-ground impacts of the subsidies, including identifying specific communities, people and places that these subsidies impact;
  • Write investigative journalism pieces on identified subsidies that highlight the human and environmental impact of the subsidies;
  • Develop an outreach/communications plan for how to get the ‘Subsidy Spotlight’ information out;
  • Develop initial thinking about how to campaign for the removal of these subsidies;
  • Create a basic template for how to replicate this work on other subsidies.

What we’re looking for:

  • Astute investigator – there’s going to be things we don’t know but need to find out. We need you to be able to dig deep, make connections, and find the real story.
  • Skilled writer – we need someone who can weave a compelling story about the impacts of these subsidies. We’re talking about tax codes and financial jargon – we need you to bring these technical things to life.
  • Savvy campaigner – this isn’t just about telling these stories, this is about working to stop them from happening again. We need you to be someone who understands campaigns and can create a product that fits in effectively.

The Details:

  • Part-time, contract position, reporting to Campaigns Director.
  • Rate and length to be determined commensurate with experience and based on mutually agreed scope of work.
  • Location flexible.

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, resume and short writing sample to info@priceofoil.org with the subject heading “Subsidy Spotlight.”