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Oil Change International is currently hiring for the following position:

Position: Senior Campaigner or Senior Analyst – International Finance
Location: Washington, DC
Time Commitment: Full-time position, 40 hours a week
Target Start Date: Position is open until filled.

About Oil Change International

Oil Change International is a non-profit organization that campaigns to expose the true costs of fossil fuels and hasten the ongoing transition towards clean energy. We’re a small, gutsy group that wages hard-hitting campaigns, grounded in solid and credible research, to push the energy industry towards an environmentally and socially sustainable future. We work together with a broad network of allies, in the United States and globally, that are committed to identifying and overcoming political barriers to a clean energy transition and shifting the balance of power in the energy industry.

Oil Change’s work is based on well-researched analysis of the fossil fuel industry and government policies relating to fossil fuels and clean energy. Domestically in the United States, we are focused on a Separation of Oil and State by exposing and ending the cycle of dirty energy money lining the halls of our government from the fossil fuel industry and going back out again in the form of fossil fuel subsidies. In addition, Oil Change also conducts corporate and policy research on the fossil fuel industry, providing hard-hitting information and campaign materials to the broader community. Internationally, we work to expose and end the massive public support going towards the fossil fuel industry and work to shift international finance to support clean energy and energy access for the poorest.

Founded in 2005, Oil Change International now has more than 300,000 supporters, a creative, passionate and dedicated staff of eighteen, and an increasingly broad reach domestically and internationally.  Known both for our credible, insightful research on the fossil fuel industry and our aggressive, creative nonviolent campaign tactics, Oil Change is a talented group that continues to punch above its weight.

About the Position
According to recent climate analysis, the potential carbon emissions from fossil fuels in the world’s already-operating fields and mines would take us beyond 2°C of warming. Given this increasingly scientifically-accepted reality, further expansion of fossil fuel reserves should be halted as soon as possible, and plans must be made to leave at least some already-known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground untouched.

But fossil fuel companies continue to invest hundreds of billions of dollars annually in exploring for more reserves — and furthermore continue to receive financial support via government subsidies and public finance. This financial support distorts the economics of these activities and encourages continued fossil fuel use. Meanwhile, many of the world’s poorest people continue to go without access to energy.

The successful applicant will work as part of Oil Change International’s Stop Funding Fossils program team to develop and implement strategies to pressure governments and international institutions to end support for oil, gas and coal and increase support for clean energy and energy access for the world’s poorest. The Senior Campaigner/Analyst – International Finance will contribute to and draw from Oil Change International’s unique research capacity, which includes staff with many years of experience working on energy and climate, finance and international institutions, a one-of-a-kind database of information on international public finance for fossil fuels, and multiple subscription data sources that provide up-to-date industry and finance information.

The Senior Campaigner/Analyst – International Finance, will develop and implement strategies to encourage international and bilateral institutions to stop funding fossil fuels and to increase support for clean energy access for the world’s poorest. The Senior Campaigner/Analyst will develop research and analysis materials around public finance and subsidies for energy, and work with campaign partners on international campaigns to reduce public support for oil, gas and coal and increase support for clean energy and energy access. This is a job for a smart, dedicated, creative and persistent advocate who is not easily deterred by long odds or complex political landscapes.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Stop Funding Fossils program team to develop campaign strategies and tactics to shift energy financing from international institutions, development banks, and aid agencies away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy and energy access;
  • Follow and analyze global developments relating to energy finance in order to identify best practices and engagement opportunities;
  • Research energy development in key countries, specifically in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, in order to develop campaign and engagement strategies;
  • Track, selectively engage with, and influence key international institutions (multilateral and bilateral development banks, export credit agencies, aid agencies) and forums (UNFCCC, G20/G7, etc.) that engage in or influence fossil fuel finance;
  • Work with other NGOs, government officials, high-level influencers, and other decision makers to expose and slow public financial support to fossil fuels;
  • Develop and cultivate champions to advance campaign messages and goals;
  • Engage in media efforts, including print, online, and social media, to encourage action on public energy finance and fossil fuel subsidy reform;
  • Represent Oil Change International in various forums.


  • College degree or equivalent experience in environment, energy, economics, finance, public policy, or related field;
  • 5 or more years of experience with advocacy efforts addressing energy, climate, international finance, or international energy policy;
  • Strong track record of advocacy-oriented research and analysis;
  • Experience working internationally with partners in the global South, experience in Southeast Asia a plus;
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • Willingness to travel internationally and in sometimes challenging conditions;
  • Experience advancing messages with traditional and new media preferred.

Salary: Commensurate with experience, plus generous health, dental and retirement packages.

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, resume and a short writing sample to jobs@priceofoil.org with the subject heading “Senior Campaigner, International Finance”.


Oil Change International values diversity, equity and inclusivity as central to our work, and strongly encourages people of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals to apply.

No snail mail applications or phone calls, please. Due to capacity constraints, we will only be able to reply to short-listed candidates.