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The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Briefing

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Briefing

Oil Change International

February 2017



A new briefing released by Oil Change International provides key information on the impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This pipeline would run over 600 miles from northwestern West Virginia, southeast through Virginia and south across eastern North Carolina.

Below are basic facts about the pipeline, with more information available in the briefing:

Total Annual GHG Emissions: 67,591,816 metric tons
Emissions Equivalent: 20 coal plants or 14 million passenger vehicles
Ownership: Dominion Resources (48%); Duke Energy (47%) Southern Company (5%)
Operator: Dominion Resources
Project Cost (Est.): $5 to $5.5 billion
Permit and Project Schedule (Est.): Final EIS (June 2017), FERC Permit (September 2017), Construction (Late 2017- Late 2019)

Click here to download the briefing.

Click here to download the supporting methodology document.

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  1. Irene Leech says:

    Thank you!

  2. Anna Gilbert says:

    The planet is wounded to the extremes of the
    violent weather that is occurring everywhere.
    We must heal the earth’s atmosphere before
    the well being of all people is compromised.

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