Help us get the message to the World Bank to stop funding coal, oil and gas!

World Bank President Jim Kim continues to make statements about the threat of climate change to development and poverty alleviation, but the Bank has still not put a stop to funding climate-changing fossil fuel projects. In fact in a speech just yesterday, Dr. Kim said that “climate change is a fundamental threat to economic development and the fight against poverty.”

Today, over 55 civil society groups from more than 20 countries sent a letter demanding that the World Bank end support for all fossil fuel projects unless the project’s sole purpose is directly increasing energy access for the poor. We know that coal, oil and gas projects almost never meet this criteria.

This letter follows on the heels of a call yesterday from 22 of the world’s leading off-grid clean energy entrepreneurs, asking for $500 million in finance to support their sector’s delivery of energy access.

Let’s use this opportunity to put some pressure on the Bank to finally end its support for fossil fuel financing and put its money where its mouth is by supporting distributed clean energy.


If you have a Twitter account, please Tweet to the Bank that you want to see them end their support of fossil fuels. Here are some sample tweets:

  • .@worldbank President Kim talks a good climate game but his Bank still funds fossil fuels. We demand things change:
  • Climate change will hit poorest hardest but @worldbank still funds dirty oil, gas and coal. Time to change.
  • Energy access for the poor will not be achieved with monster fossil fuel projects. No more oil, gas&coal @worldbank
  • 55+ NGOs demand @worldbank to walk the talk and stop funding fossil fuels and focus on clean energy access.

And tweet to support energy entrepreneurs’ demand the Bank fund off-grid clean energy alternatives!

  • Off grid clean energy sector demands social bankability, $500 million from @WorldBank