Gas Leak was “Impossible” Workers Told

April 2, 2012By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

First the good news. Over the weekend the French oil giant Total confirmed that the flare that had been burning on its abandoned Elgin rig in the North Sea had “extinguished itself.” The flare was causing real concern in case it ignited the escaping gas. With the flare out, Total has said it could begin … Read More

Gov Report into Deepwater “Spreads Blame”

September 14, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured 2 Comments

After numerous delays, and even the departure of a lead investigator, later today the US government is expected to release the report into last year’s Deepwater Horizon disaster that has been undertaken by the Coast Guard and the Agency responsible for regulating offshore drilling. According to the Wall Street Journal, the federal investigation into the … Read More

Now its Yellowstone To Keystone

July 8, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

You would have thought that Rupert Murdoch had enough on his plate right now without one of his paper’s backing the highly controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in an editorial yesterday. Despite the deep controversy surrounding the specific project and the safety of pipelines in general, which have been reigntied by Exxon’s Yellowstone spill, … Read More

Fracking “Causing Earthquakes”

June 1, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured 4 Comments

For an industry that prides itself on precision engineering and drilling, fracking is a brutal technique with unforeseen consequences. The oil industry is trying to argue that fracking which exploits shale gas is a “game changer” that will guarantee energy security for years to come. But the industry already faces growing public opposition due to … Read More