A big mess at Motiva and why Gulf Coast refiners are making a killing

August 9, 2012By Lorne StockmanBlog Post, Featured, Industry Updates, Refinery Report

While Chevron’s Richmond refinery has been making the news lately with a very visible incident, our attention has been drawn to less noticed recent events in America’s biggest refining center on the Gulf Coast, where what was to become the country’s largest refinery also ran into a spot of trouble. You’d think that if you … Read More

“Everything Koch stood for was a lie”

October 4, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

Ever since Greenpeace outed the Koch brothers as the largest financiers of climate change denial, the secretive brothers have started getting much more media attention. The fact that they are also major backers of the controversial Tea Party movement – with its loathing of environmental protection and dismissal of climate change – has added to … Read More

The Good News, the Bad and the Ugly

August 4, 2010By Andy RowellBlog Post

First the good news. BP says its “static kill” on its Macondo well has succeeded so far, describing the moment as a “significant milestone”. The “static kill”, which started yesterday, involved pumping heavy drilling mud from the top of the well slowly down, pushing the oil back down into the reservoir. The oil was stopped … Read More

Putting Tar Sands in Your Tank …

May 10, 2010By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

Disaster One. New estimates put the amount of oil per day pouring into the Gulf of Mexico at one million gallons a day. If this is so, BP’s disaster may have spilt more oil than the Exxon Valdez, when at least eleven million gallons poured from the stricken tanker. Disaster Two. There is another ecological … Read More

Valero’s Flawed “Voices for Energy”

August 27, 2009By Andy RowellBlog Post 11 Comments

So the trickle turns into a tide. They are all at it now. There is a sudden rush amongst oil and gas companies in the US to garner grasssroots support to attack the Climate bill. Just days after Greenpeace released an internal memo from the oil boys at the American Petroleum Institute, detailing plans to … Read More