New Research Exposes Countries and Companies Supplying the Oil Fueling Palestinian Genocide

March 14, 2024By Oil Change InternationalPress Releases 5 Comments

New data compiled by DataDesk, commissioned by Oil Change International, sheds light on the devastating role of oil fueling the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. By tracing the supply chains of crude oil and refined products to Israel, the research exposes the various countries and companies whose fuel supplies are perpetuating this humanitarian crisis – and thus have an opportunity to help compel a ceasefire by turning off those taps.

Oil Change International Calls for Ceasefire, Peace, and Justice in Palestine and Israel

October 18, 2023By Valentina StacklPress Releases 3 Comments

We, at Oil Change International, express our profound grief for the lives lost and the enduring anguish resulting from the continued surge of violence in Palestine. Our hearts are also with those grieving from the violence unleashed on Israelis by Hamas. As an organization committed to equity and racial justice we are in solidarity with … Read More