Canada: Panel Calls for Hike in Oil Sands Royalties

September 19, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

A Canadian government-appointed panel reviewing Alberta’s energy royalties has called for the oil-rich Canadian province to increase its total take from the energy industry by 20 percent a year, or roughly $2 billion Canadian (US $1.97 billion). The report by the provincial panel targets Alberta’s oil sands projects in particular and says royalties have not … Read More

US Government Charging Oil Companies Low Rates

June 4, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

A statement released June 1 by the US Government Accountability Office (the “investigative” arm of Congress), finds that “the US federal government receives one of the lowest government takes [from oil and gas development] in the world.” The testimony, delivered to Congress on May 1 but only publicly released last Friday, indicates that while there … Read More

Interior Dept. Cover-Up of lease scandal

January 15, 2007By Steve KretzmannBlog Post

Apparently there are no lengths to which Bush Administration officials will not go in defense of Big Oil. According to Congressional Quarterly, the Interior Department’s Inspector General will shortly issue a report revealing that Department officials, after learning in 2000 of mistakes in leases that could cost the American people $10 billion, proceeded to cover … Read More

Blowing the Whistle on Big Oil

December 5, 2006By Andy RowellBlog Post

Great article in the New York Times about the malaise of Washington’s over sight of the oil industry and how it has taken a retired federal auditor to expose the comfy collusion between the industry and its regulators. For years Bobby Maxwell scrutinized the books of major oil producers that pumped billions of dollars worth … Read More