Shift the Subsidies Database Reveals $40 Billion in Fossil Fuel Funding Over Last Four Years

November 30, 2011By Elizabeth BastBlog Post, Research & Opinions 2 Comments

Development Banks Still Financing Dirty Energy New Database Reveals $40 Billion in Fossil Fuel Funding Over Last Four Years Nov. 30, 2011, Durban, South Africa – Major multilateral development banks have provided financing of over $40 billion to fossil-fuel energy development since 2008, according to the new Shift the Subsidies database (, launched today by … Read More

Pat Toomey: Drill-Baby-Drill, Even in Lake Erie

November 17, 2011By Lorne StockmanBlog Post

Written by Ross Hammond Residents of Cleveland and Buffalo (where I grew up) might be forgiven if they were not terribly excited about the prospect of having oil rigs off the shores of their fair cities. But according to Supercommittee member Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, drilling for oil in Lake Erie might just be … Read More

Fred Upton: Dirty Energy’s BFF on the Supercommittee

November 17, 2011By Lorne StockmanBlog Post, Separate Oil and State 1 Comment

Written by Ross Hammond There may be no better example of the corrupting influence of Dirty Energy Money in the current Congress than Supercommittee member Representative Fred Upton of Michigan. In July Upton warned of the dangers of private lobbying organizations and special interests “operating in an increasingly competitive lobbying realm in Washington—a world where … Read More

Story of Broke

November 14, 2011By Elizabeth BastBlog Post, Featured

Story of Stuff’s latest film – Story of Broke – is now here! And guess what? It’s all about subsidies – and how we can shift our taxpayer money away from the dinosaur economy and towards a clean, bright future! Check it out! And then take action!  

Payback Time? The Supercommittee & Fossil Fuel Subsidies

November 9, 2011By Elizabeth BastBlog Post, Research & Opinions, Separate Oil and State

The 12 members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or “supercommittee,” have received at least $4.2 million in campaign contributions from dirty energy interests lobbying to keep their wasteful taxpayer subsidies, according to a new report from Oil Change International (OCI) and Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF). The report analyzes the millions of … Read More

It’s Time for Reform: Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Rich Nations are Staggering

October 11, 2011By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured 1 Comment

Finally a new report, released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED), begins to quantify how much rich nations—and taxpayers—are supporting fossil-fuel production and consumption. The numbers are staggering. During each of the last five years, between US$ 45 billion and US$ 75 billion in budgetary support and tax expenditures have been provided … Read More