IPCC’s Report Raises the Alarms to Code Red

March 20, 2023By Valentina StacklFeatured, Press Releases No Comments

Today, the IPCC released its last report under the Sixth Assessment Cycle after approval by government delegates in Interlaken. The Synthesis Report covers the major findings from the last three Assessment reports and the Special Reports, and provides a comprehensive scientific framework for understanding the climate crisis and solutions to it. In response, Romain Ioualalen, … Read More

Oil Change International submits evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee

May 24, 2022By nicoleBlog Post, Energy Transitions & Futures, Global Policy

The UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee have launched a inquiry into Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels and securing energy supplies, which is scrutinising the UK Government’s Energy Security Strategy and its North Sea Transition Deal (for oil and gas production in the UK’s Continental Shelf). Oil Change International submitted the following evidence for the committee.

Study: Existing oil, gas, and coal extraction sites need to be closed down to stay within 1.5C, findings show

May 17, 2022By OCI TeamBlog Post, News, Press Releases

A new peer-reviewed study published in Environmental Research Letters finds that existing oil, gas, and coal extraction sites need to be closed down to stay within 1.5C. The study, led by researchers at Oil Change International and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, finds that nearly 40% of developed fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to keep the 1.5°C limit in reach.

#ClimateCrisis: New study shows Gulf Stream on “verge of collapse”

August 6, 2021By Andy RowellBlog Post

New research, published in Nature Climate Change, has found “an almost complete loss of stability over the last century” of the ocean currents known as AMOC or more commonly the Gulf Stream. The currents are already at their slowest point for 1,600 years. But scientists worry that AMOC could be reaching a tipping point, leading to a total collapse.