Report: U.S. crude exports increased nearly 600% from 2015-20, driving 135% increase in Permian oil production

December 1, 2021By Oil Change InternationalFeatured, Press Releases, Stopping Carbon Lock-In 1 Comment

The latest installment reveals that while Permian oil production grew 135% from 2015 to 2020, U.S. oil consumption was stagnant. The spread of pipelines, export terminals, tank farms and petrochemical facilities across the Gulf Coast intensified environmental injustice in the region, and was driven by oil, gas and petrochemical exports, not rising U.S. demand.

Briefing: Carbon Impacts of Reinstating the U.S. Crude Export Ban

January 28, 2020By Oil Change InternationalBriefings, Stopping Carbon Lock-In 1 Comment

The next president and Congress should reinstate the crude export ban in tandem with policies to ensure a just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels. A reimplementation of the ban would therefore require an ambitious and well-funded energy policy to prioritize justice and equity for workers and frontline and Indigenous communities in the necessary transition away from fossil fuels.

Dirty deal lubricates the path to oil exports

December 16, 2015By Greg MuttittBlog Post, Featured 4 Comments

Last night Congressional leaders succumbed to the intensive oil industry campaign to lift the ban on exporting crude. The industry wants to export in order to get higher prices. Not only would this keep full the coffers of the opponents of climate action, it would incentivize increased extraction. Our Executive Director Steve Kretzmann, had this … Read More

Oil Change International response to House vote on crude export ban

October 9, 2015By David TurnbullPress Releases 1 Comment

The ill-conceived crude oil exports bill may have passed today in the House, but the bigger story is the loosening grip of Big Oil on our energy policy. Repealing the decades-old ban on crude exports has been Big Oil’s top legislative priority this year, and yet this bill is dead on arrival. Even this oil soaked House of Representatives can’t muster a veto-proof majority, and it is clear they don’t yet have the votes they need in the Senate either.

Obama Opposes Lifting Crude Export Ban

September 16, 2015By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured, News

If nothing else, President Obama’s energy and climate policy is certainly contradictory. Although desperate to have a positive legacy, he has recently been criticised for allowing Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic just days before visiting the Arctic himself to warn about climate change.