Walk The Talk: Time for the G7 to make the COP28 Fossil Fuel Pledge a Reality

June 4, 2024By nicoleBriefings, Global Policy, Resources, Stop Funding Fossils 1 Comment

This new briefing from Oil Change International shows that G7 countries, which have both the capacity and the responsibility to be leaders in phasing out fossil fuels, are not walking the walk – at home or abroad: some G7 countries are massively expanding fossil fuel production at home, while others are investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure abroad. Both are catastrophic failures of leadership, which the G7 has a responsibility to correct.

Response to the government of Azerbaijan arresting human rights activist Anar Mammadli

May 6, 2024By Valentina StacklPress Releases

In response to the government of Azerbaijan arresting Anar Mammadli’s, Romain IOUALALEN, Oil Change International Global Policy Campaign Manager, said:  “In the wake of Anar Mammadli’s arrest, Azerbaijan’s repression of activists, human rights defenders, and journalists raises serious concerns as the country prepares to host COP29. We call on Azerbaijani authorities to immediately free Anar … Read More

COP28 President points again to 1.5ºC “North Star”, but UAE expansion plans still on the table

February 22, 2024By nicoleGlobal Policy, Press Releases

“Since COP28 in Dubai, both producers and importers of fossil fuels have a responsibility to accelerate the transition away from them.  While COP28 President Al Jaber is right to point out that fossil fuel demand needs to decline rapidly, this cannot be an excuse for the massive expansion of fossil fuels planned by his own company, ADNOC, and the five rich global north countries responsible for the majority of planned oil and gas expansion to 2050, led by the United States.”

Response to COP29 Organising Committee:

January 15, 2024By Valentina StacklPress Releases

The climate movement demands a process free of fossil influence, including real conflict-of-interest policies to keep fossil interests from co-opting the talks and social pressure to block the oil, gas, and coal industries from leading the energy transition.