Investing in Disaster: Recent and Anticipated Final Investment Decisions for New Oil And Gas Production Beyond the 1.5°C Limit

November 16, 2022By OCI TeamBriefings, Featured No Comments

The briefing reveals that new oil and gas production approved to date in 2022 and at risk of approval over the next three years could cumulatively lock in 70 billion tonnes (Gt) of new carbon pollution. This is equivalent to almost two years’ worth of global carbon emissions from energy at current levels, 17 percent of the world’s remaining 1.5°C carbon budget, or the lifecycle emissions of 468 coal power plants.

COP27: Civil Society says “Don’t Gas Africa” and calls for an end of colonial fossil fuel extraction

November 15, 2022By Andy RowellBlog Post No Comments

At a series of events today at the COP27 climate talks, speaker after speaker warned against the Dash for Gas in Africa. One speaker, Mohamed Adow, from PowerShiftAfrica, said: “Africa sits at a crossroads & there is a fight to decide its energy & development future playing out at #COP27. A cabal of fossil fuel companies supported by foreign nations are trying to push Africa into a fossil fuel led development future. We say to them Don’t Gas Africa.”

Germany, Italy, Canada, United States warned to keep their climate promise on first anniversary of initiative to end public finance for fossil fuels

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A UK Government event at COP27 in Egypt has marked the first anniversary of a groundbreaking international initiative to phase out international public finance for fossil fuels, one of the most concrete outcomes of last year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow. At today’s event, countries took stock of implementation efforts and announced Nepal as a new signatory to the pledge, making this country the 40th signatory to the statement.