COP29 Presidency Must Prioritize A Fossil Fuel Phase-Out With Fair Financing.

July 17, 2024By nicolePress Releases, Stop Funding Fossils 2 Comments

“The COP Presidency is centering the new climate finance target, the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG), in this year’s UN climate talks. To deliver on last year’s groundbreaking commitment to transition away from fossil fuels, rich countries must raise trillions of dollars to support climate action in developing countries. While the COP29 host recognizes the need for a significant financial increase, it fails to emphasize that it must be on fair terms to countries that need it most.”

Biden’s climate diplomacy mustn’t turn a blind eye to Big Oil’s “dirty footprints” in Africa

March 15, 2021By Chairman OkoloiseBlog Post, Deep Dive, Featured

When President Joe Biden signed his first set of Executive Orders on Climate Change and cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline project soon after his inauguration, he sent a very clear message to the global fossil fuel industry: it’s no longer going to be business-as-usual with fighting the existential threat that climate change poses to humanity.