A dangerous calculus

April 13, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

Have you ever stopped to think about the moments that we were on the brink of something big? Something that we look back on and find it hard to imagine how it used to be? Cell phones are a good example, or smart phones – the iPhone has only been around since 2007. The internet … Read More

Seizing Canada’s chance to lead

January 27, 2016By Hannah McKinnonBlog Post, Featured, News

The winds of change have been blowing in Canada over the past year – with new governments, new promises, and a renewed sense of urgency – the momentum for ambitious climate action seems to be growing again. In an open letter sent today to Prime Minister Trudeau and Canadian Premiers (leaders of the provinces and … Read More

Call on Governments to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

June 9, 2012By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured, Separate Oil and State 3 Comments

Hundreds of governments and thousands of stakeholders will meet at the Rio+20 Conference in Brazil this month to chart a future for the health of the planet, our human family and economies worldwide. The question is whether that future will include continuing public fossil fuel subsidies, which could climb to a staggering US$775 billion to an estimated US$1 trillion … Read More