Call on Governments to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

June 9, 2012By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured, Separate Oil and State 3 Comments

Hundreds of governments and thousands of stakeholders will meet at the Rio+20 Conference in Brazil this month to chart a future for the health of the planet, our human family and economies worldwide. The question is whether that future will include continuing public fossil fuel subsidies, which could climb to a staggering US$775 billion to an estimated US$1 trillion … Read More

“The door is closing”

November 9, 2011By Andy RowellBlog Post, Featured

We are used to dire warnings about climate change. But they do not often come from the IEA, the world’s energy watch-dog. And for such a conservative body, they do not often sound this dire. Such is our predicted catastrophic path of fossil fuel dependence, that over the next five years the last chance of … Read More

World Bank Executives: Stop Defending Dirty Energy for the Poor

April 19, 2011By Traci RomineBlog Post, Featured

The World Bank Group, perhaps the best-known publicly-funded international development institution, is pitched in an important battle over the future of its energy lending. Unfortunately, if some Bank executives have their way, the new Energy Strategy will become a blueprint for straddling the world’s poorest nations and people with dangerous and polluting energy. That’s because … Read More

Canadian Pipedream

March 30, 2011By Lorne StockmanBlog Post, Featured 4 Comments

Why Canadian oil does not make America secure Political turmoil in the Middle East once again exposes America’s dependence on oil and its vulnerability to global price spikes. On Capitol Hill, Big Oil’s political lackeys are stepping up their campaign for supply solutions and the current must-have item on their list is the Keystone XL … Read More