Oz: Farmers and Greens Unite to Fight Climate change

August 16, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

It might be considered an unlikely alliance, but Australian farmers and green groups have united in the fight against global warming. They are launching a group called the Agricultural Alliance, which aims to significantly reduce emissions by up to 60 per cent by 2050.

Oz: Oil Rigs to Become Coral Farms

July 17, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

Decommissioned oil rigs off Australia’s coastline could become hubs for marine-based businesses such as coral harvesting for aquariums, a fish expert argues. Professor David Booth, of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and University of Technology, Sydney, says there are up to 60 oil rigs in Australian waters that are due to be decommissioned in … Read More

Oops: Iraq Has Never Been About Oil

July 6, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post 1 Comment

A day after admitting that Australia was in Iraq for the oil, the country’s Defence Minister Brendan Nelson has made a spectacular U-turn by saying that security is a separate issue for resources. “Iraq has never been about oil,” he now says. “Yesterday we released the latest defence update for Australia in terms of our … Read More

Australians “Are in Iraq for Oil”

July 5, 2007By Andy RowellBlog Post

As leading Sunnis in Iraq’s parliament continue to snub Iraq’s controversial oil law, Australia has admitted that securing oil is a key factor behind its continued troop deployment in Iraq. Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said that maintaining “resource security” in the Middle East was a priority for the government in Canberra. But he added … Read More